Revitalising Networks: A Success Story in Network Hardware Refreshes

network switch fibre patch leads

Our client’s mine site was grappling with a substantial number of end-of-life network devices requiring replacement. The need for guidance of what to procure and how to deploy led them to enlist VGT’s expertise and support.

The BoM was required within 4 weeks, as a PO had to be raised and goods receipted prior to end of financial year. We had no on-site presence and there was minimal network documentation available.

Our collaborative approach:

  • Performed a network discovery to map out the site’s IT network and identify end-of-life devices.
  • Engaged site resources to get photos of locations to ensure there was adequate space and power for new devices.
  • Created a BoM that covered all end-of-life devices and consolidated them where possible to reduce cost.
  • Developed standardised configuration for the devices.
  • Planned and coordinated refresh activities.

The outcome:

  • Over 120 network switches were refreshed, including the site’s core switches.
  • The risks due to end-of-life equipment were mitigated.
  • Site’s documentation was updated, simplifying support.
  • The standardised configuration developed has since been used across all the client’s IT networks.

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