Uplift for expansion

Our client approached us to assist with the replacement and uplift of the control systems applications and interfaces utilised at a mine site, whilst taking into account planned extension of the mine.

The challenge we faced was to ensure that changes and additions to any applications or interfaces were done safely, with minimal disruption and maximum return on investment, while also upholding the client’s commitment to health, safety, environment and community. This involved integrating a new mine site, new equipment and upgraded technology with an existing mine, existing infrastructure/ equipment and older technology.

  • We engaged in active stakeholder engagement throughout this project, and maintained or exceeded performance and productivity while working remotely due to COVID-19.
  • We took a proactive approach to identifying potential problem areas, facilitating workshops and brainstorming sessions to address these.
  • We brought people and systems together to ensure delivery milestones were met while upholding the client’s commitment to delivering expedient value with a great human experience.
  • We understood the data and the downstream system requirements, leading to savings in both time and cost.
  • Throughout the project, we continue to play a role in coordination and facilitation activities, information requirements and data analysis, with the focus on ensuring that the required data is accurate and provided on time.

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