Optimising Wi-Fi and Application Performance

Wireless Future Connected

One of our client’s mine sites was experiencing issues with a web-based tool they were accessing over Wi-Fi on their tablets.

Based on reports from users, it was difficult to determine whether the issue was related to WiFi, the broader network, or the application itself.

Our collaborative approach:

  • Engaged all application developers to understand how the application works.
  • Arranged a site visit to:
    • Understand how, when and where the application was being used.
    • Conduct a wireless survey.
    • Test network performance.
  • Configured application performance monitoring.

The outcome:

  • Identified issues with the application that needed to be addressed.
  • Identified issues with the Wi-Fi configuration and made the necessary changes.
  • Provided recommendations to further improve the wireless deployment.
  • Provided better visibility on application performance due to increased monitoring.

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