Crafting a Winning Business Model and Go-to-Market Strategy

image of a team collaborating at a table covered with product research papers

Our client asked us to develop a business model for a new-to-market SaaS service and mobile app, and to collaboratively design their go-to-market strategy.

The challenge.

  • First, we were challenged to introduce product-based business modelling, pricing strategies, and market and competitor analysis to develop a baseline understanding of the product’s value proposition, relative to their competition, and customer needs.
  • Second, we were tasked with developing the product’s digital policies and agreements.
  • Finally, we were asked to guide the product team through the competitive bid process as they navigated their first large-scale sales bids and customer trials.

Our winning craft.

  • Conducted market, competitor and product pricing analysis to develop a clear value proposition for the client’s product.
  • Introduced best-practice frameworks for management of change + agile ways of working.
  • Drafted subscription + service agreements, SLA, privacy + acceptable usage policies.
  • Developed a set of product + pricing principles supported by the value proposition.
  • Developed a competitive product pricing model + enterprise pricing strategy.

Outcomes, delivered.

The client now has a defined business model, a compelling product value proposition and competitive pricing strategy. The new fit-for-purpose policies and agreements provide customers with a clear and definitive understanding of the terms of service provided when they purchase a product subscription. As a result, our client can now confidently engage with and sell to customers as they go to market over the next 12-24 months.

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