Hosting service continuity plans

Our goal was to improve effectiveness and usability of plans during simulated and actual event disaster to reduce Residual Risk Rating (RRR) of related material risks.

We knew to be more effective, a consistent, repeatable process needed to be established. The challenge we faced was the high risk of disruption to the critical services as the continuity plans didn’t exist or were not formally tested.

  • We collaborated across Hosting Ops, Reliability, and Projects Engineering to discover the current state of hosting platforms at each site.
  • SCP/DR requirements were fed into the TTOR process to ensure service continuity plans are delivered as part of the TTOR process.
  • This resulted in the delivery of service continuity plans for 60 hosting services.
  • We created a simplified and repeatable process for service continuity plans, which led to a significant reduction in time spent on creating every document in a discreet manner.

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