Audit your assets, reduce your costs

Our client engaged VGT to conduct an audit of voice and data services to determine which services were essential and which were redundant. The result achieved savings to the business of $3.8m per annum.

This is an ongoing, multi-pronged project. VGT compiled a database of all voice, data and mobility services (approximately 30,000 services in total). We also completed a sip migration project and continue to assist with providing support in the midst of a carrier re-negotiation.

  • We validated each service and determined the service’s current status to establish which services are no longer in use, have been replaced with current technology but still billing, identified cancelled services that are still charging and obtain rebates creating a current asset register of services and achieving substantial savings;
  • We also consolidated hundreds of accounts and cancelled thousands of redundant accounts that had $0 or credits on them to reduce the number of monthly accounts to be processed.
  • We analysed each state and its services and provided estimates of savings that could be achieved by transitioning off ISDN to SIP.
  • We provided details on call traffic and usage for 65,000+ in-dial numbers across Australia to establish how many number ranges were required to transition to SIP.
  • By undertaking the above works, our client could confidently choose to either go to market or renegotiate their current contracts based on actual and current data.

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